Introducing the Gallery at Stratosphere

The Gallery at the Stratosphere provides a certain ambience, our goal was to provide a service to the creatives in the community. We wanted to impact the lives of the artist as well as those who would be drawn in to peruse the curations.

As Artist  Colin Warde describes

… As I walked by the Stratosphere I was thinking to myself, maybe I need to come here on a day when I’m better prepared and dressed with a suit and tie, but on the spur of the moment decided, what the heck, just stop in and see what it’s all about. So I walked right in and introduced myself. The informal atmosphere gave a good vibe-no waiting for someone to come from behind a partition or screen and say “Mr. so and so is ready to see you now”.  The way  everyone at the Stratosphere was always willing to give assistance and advice without charging a fee is what made me see their genuine concern for the community. Because of that, I continued to come to the stratosphere, and now some six months later I have an exhibition.
For that. I give thanks.

Working wth  Colin, we’ve structured a program that is affordable and scalable and benefits all!


  • A revolving presentation of Solo and Group exhibits. Add your name to our subscribers list
  • The Studio Space is still available for private events so drop by to check it out.
  • Noon till 5pm is an excellent time to bring the Family by and introduce the youth  to the art.


  • Our program makes exhibiting extremely affordable.
  • We offer options to  sell  and thus the possibility of earning a TANGIBLE outcome.
  • Through a Partnership with NYukCo we can extend  support services that  help yu maximize  your outcome.
  • Access to a PRIME location. What can we say the foot traffic is amazing!
  • A Strong  list of Art lovers – We nurture  and build, our subscriber list  so that you have an available audience.
  • the process can take some time  so we recommend you stop by during  1-5pm daily to see the space and learn more about our Gallery Program   (Please Fill out the form to  hear details)


  • Yes The gallery  can be available for your and your clients.

Artist, Curators, Sponsors/patrons and even  other spaces can contact us about The Gallery 


Live Poetry Thursdays 8 pm – 10 pm

Join us for live poetry during Poetically Correct Thursday evenings between 8 pm and 10 pm at Stratosphere Studios. We do everything live: music, performances and web. Refreshments are available. Donations are kindly appreciated.

Join us live:

227 Utica Avenue
Brooklyn, NY

Take the 3 or 4 train to Utica Avenue. Walk 1.5 blocks to Utica Avenue off of St. Johns.

Join us online: